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Living with Parkinson’s disease can be challenging, and many patients experience suboptimal treatment and late or even misdiagnosis. Paragit is here to change that, and our solutions bring better care and improved quality of life for patient with neurological disorders.

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Cover all primary motor symptoms

The wearable hardware and the powerful sensors in the Paragit Sleeve monitor the patient, collect data, and offer a very detailed and consistent picture of the primary motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:


You experience stiffness in your muscles


You experience uncontrollable shaking


You experience slowness of movement


You experience involuntary movements

A better treatment

Better care and better understanding

The solutions from Paragit contributes to a better life for not only patients currently living with Parkinson’s disease but also future patients suffering from other neurological disorders.

The data from your Paragit Sleeve is automatically transferred to the health care professionals in charge of your treatment – providing them with important information to support assessment, diagnosis, and medication.

Researchers working to fight movement disorders are depending on reliable data from patients during daily life – this gives an accurate and important picture of symptoms and unique insights into challenges diseases.

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Male patient, physically fighting against Parkinson's. Great job!

Fighting Parkinson’s disease

Today, 10 million patients worldwide are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. That number is expected to double by 2040 and healthcare systems will experience a future shortage of neurologists and specialized health care professionals.

Adding to this, the current snapshot assessment causes 90 percent suboptimal treatment and 47 percent misdiagnosis in primary care. That leads to 70 percent neurons lost by the time of correct diagnosis.

To the individual patient and to the healthcare system in general, there are countless reasons to fight Parkinson’s disease, and at Paragit our long-term ambition is help doing so by contributing to the digitization of neurotech.

Get in touch if you want to participate in clinical trials

The solutions from Paragit are currently experimental devices and only approved for clinical trials and research. We would like to hear from you if you as a patient are interested in participating in the development of our wearable hardware and the AI-driven software.

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Use data to
take care

Paragit is a Danish MedTech startup that uses cutting-edge technology and reliable data to improve quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease and other neuromuscular or neurodegenerative disorders. Join us on our mission towards better care, better understanding, and better lives.