Around 80% of the patients’ dopamine neurons may have been lost,
by the time they are diagnosed.

There is no objective test for Parkinson’s disease, so the rate of misdiagnosis can be relatively high, especially when the diagnosis is made by a non-specialist.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting around 10 million people worldwide. A lot of patients find it unattractive to take their medicine due to fear of wrong medicine doses.

The severity of the symptoms increases with time, gradually reducing life quality and hence creating the need for precise medication.

Our unique solution

We measure Muscle Rigidity,

Bradykinesia and Tremor

Paragit Sleeve can measure and quantify the three most prevalent cardinal symptoms that occurs in Parkinson’s patients.

The probability of having the symptoms

Muscle Rigidity – 90%

Bradykinesia – 80%

Tremor – 75%

Paragit Sleeve features

Long battery life

Early detection

Cloud storage

In-home monitoring

Artificial intelligence

Accurate dosage

Patient experience

  • Patient receives the Paragit Sleeve

    The Paragit Sleeve is given to the patient by the doctor. The doctor provides instructions about the Paragit Sleeve to the patient

  • Home environment

    Paragit Sleeve is designed to be as non-stigmatizing as possible. The patients can be wherever they feel most comfortable, the gathered data will thus reflect the daily life of the patient

  • Continuous data collection

    The sensors in the Paragit Sleeve gather and analyzes data as the patient performs daily routines – even at night when the patient is sleeping

  • Medicine intake

    As the patient takes medicine, Paragit Sleeve is able to detect any changes of the motor symptoms for the patient and thus providing information about the efficiency of the medicine

  • Doctor visits

    The previous procedure helps the doctor to better understand the patient’s condition. The doctor is then able to provide better treatment for the patient and thereby increasing the quality of life

Paragit Management

Mohammad Filfil
Chief Executive Officer
Li Ren Ou
Chief Financial Officer
Arvan Maani
Chief Technology Officer
Wahib Joseph Abboud
Chief Marketing Officer

Our Vision

We are Paragit Solutions, a team consisting of young innovative individuals with a wide variety of academic backgrounds. Our goal is to improve Parkinson’s patients daily life by improving the method used in order to diagnose the patients’ symptoms. To achieve this we invented a tool to digitize and quantify the way which Parkinson’s patients symptoms are assessed, thereby providing doctors a better and more informative understanding of their patients.

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