Slide Paragit Sleeve A unique award-winning tool
for assessing and quantifying
the most prevalent cardinal
symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease


People living with Parkinson’s Disease


Patients are misdiagnosed


Permanent loss of dopamine neurons when diagnosed


Patients have reported incorrect dosage
Currently, Parkinson’s disease is diagnosed and managed based on doctors’ subjective assessments during typically short meetings. Meaning, Parkinson’s patients cannot be provided a holistic and accurate assessment of their daily symptom progression and on/off periods.

Our Solution

Paragit Sleeve, the first-ever clinically accurate textile-based wearable that allows reliable in-home monitoring of three of the most prevalent cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. (*prevalence in motor symptoms, Parkinson’s)

Muscle Rigidity(*90-99%)
Muscle Rigidity(*90-99%)

Simple usage for the patients

Designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. The sleeve passively gathers data on kinetic and biosignals when the user performs daily routines, even during sleep.

1. Patient wears the sleeve on 

2. Performs daily activities

3. Continues data collection

How it works

1. Sleeve collects patient both ambulatory and in-home data on neuromuscular and kinetic movements for up to 24H

2. High-resolution data is stored on the sleeve for later processing and analysis

3. Doctors can access patients’ detailed symptom insights through the Paragit software platform

4. Doctors can update the treatment regime and provide optimal medicine dosage to the patient

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