Our product

The Paragit Sleeve is a non-invasive and non-stigmatizing smart wearable which helps neurologists give a precise and objective assessment of Parkinson’s motor symptoms utilizing noise free, long term measurements of small electrical muscle contractions, in a shape of a breathable wearable sleeve designed with comfort in mind. Our goal is to increase the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients by digitalizing the current method of diagnosis and providing personalized medicine through adaptive software feedback.

✓Accurate assessment
✓Faster diagnosis
✓Better care 

Continuous and accurate measurement

The Paragit Explorer is our latest computer software, where the underlying algorithms is built on the latest research which calculates symptoms scores in correlation with the current subjective golden standard. The gathered data can be stored directly on the device or managed on a secure cloud, ensuring 100% privacy and enabling up to date and accurate treatment for the user. 

Patient experience

1. Patient receives the Paragit Sleeve

The Paragit Sleeve is given to the patient by the doctor. The doctor provides instructions about the Paragit Sleeve to the patient

2. Home environment

The patients can be wherever they feel most comfortable, the gathered data will thus reflect the daily life of the patient

3. Continuous data collection

The sensors in the Paragit Sleeve gather and analyzes data as the patient performs daily routines-even at night when the patient is sleeping

4. Medicine intake

As the patient takes medicine, Paragit Sleeve is able to detect any changes of the motor symptoms for the patient and thus providing information about the efficiency of the medicine

5. Doctor visits

The previous procedure helps the doctor to better understand the patient s condition. The doctor is then able to provide better treatment for the patient and thereby increasing the quality of life


Optimize clinical trials

The Paragit Sleeve and the Paragit Explorer can assist in optimizing clinical trials within motor-related symptoms by evaluating the efficacy of drug compounds and placebo trials.

Companion early diagnostics

Measuring rigidity in deep sleep in combination with kinetic movements and utilizing neural network for data gathering the solution can act as an companion early diagnostics device for the neurologist.

Disease management

The neurologist can manage the motor-related symptoms of the patients digitizing the disease management of each patient profile.

Digitalize global standard

Utilizing the sleeve with high fidelity in data aquation for the first time in combination with the software, the neurologist can get a holistic view of the patient symptom progression in correlation with the global standard MDS-Unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale (MDS-UPDRS).

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